SEMBRA Adult Salad Kit


Brand Traditional Garden Games

Grow your own salads at home

No kitchen is too small for a pot or two of fresh herbs - even a windowsill has room for a little basil and thyme!  SEMBRA's specially selected aromatic herb kits for adults, will have you snipping at fresh herbs and adding bundles to home-cooked dishes and drinks.

SEMBRA Adult Salad Kit 


  • 4 seed envelopes: Summer Marvel & Red Lettuces, Salad Rocket and Cherry Tomato
  • 12 round biodegradable pots to plant seeds
  • Substrate
  • Labels
  • Illustrated step-by-step guide
  • Tray

Barcode: 8410579008253  Units/Carton 6 Cat No: 9096  Box Dimensions cm: W34 H25.5 D9.5